In order for the body to take control and heal itself from a heel spur, treatment requires the action causing the inflammation be reduced. Common treatments for heel spurs include resting the foot and limiting use. If too much walking causes the heel spur then treatment insists walking must be limited. The body will heal itself if treatment includes taking on no more than the body can handle. Your body immediately starts to provide the affected area with additional calcium to form new bone where the plantar fascia no longer attaches.

The upside is, this type of condition has treatments and effective remedies to lessen the pain to continue performing daily chores and tasks. Taking a rest can be very helpful in contributing to heel spur treatment. Resting is always applicable to any kind of conditions because inactivity of the body improves the healing process. In relation to heel spurs, resting will allow the inflammation to settle down. It’s important to always have adequate rest, and refrain from activities like prolonged standing, walking and/or jogging. This will help reduce inflammation of the planar fascia , and promote healing of the inflamed tissues.heel spur pictures

Persistent pain may need slightly more extensive treatment, such as the use of orthotics (custom-made shoe inserts), a walking cast to keep your foot immobile or a night splint to stretch the plantar fascia out. Your podiatrist may also suggest physical therapy (including extracorporeal shock wave therapy), padding and strapping (or taping) the foot to ensure things stay in their proper positions, and cortisone injections (although you don’t really want to have more than one of these, since repeated injections can weaken the fascia). Dr. Marble has more information about other foot and ankle conditions available free of charge. Visit for more free information about other lower extremity conditions.

Chlorinated water is also helpful in bringing down the inflammation and relieving the pain. Drinking alfalfa tea more than twice a day on regular basis is helpful in decreasing the pain and discomfort. Try to consume food rich in calcium as it is counted as one of the great home remedies for heel spur. Applying flaxseed pack on the affected area on regular basis will bring down the inflammation and pain of the heels caused by the spur formation. These were the surgical and nonsurgical methods of bone spur treatment. The main thing to remember is to take rest, as rest can relieve the throbbing pain.heel spur remedy

Calcaneal apophysitis — In this condition, the center of the heel bone becomes irritated as a result of a new shoe or increased athletic activity. This pain occurs in the back of the heel, not the bottom. Calcaneal apophysitis is a fairly common cause of heel pain in active, growing children between the ages of 8 and 14. Although almost any boy or girl can be affected, children who participate in sports that require a lot of jumping have the highest risk of developing this condition. Make an appointment to see a health care professional if you have significant heel pain that does not improve within a few days. Prognosis